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Visualization of worldwide dynamics of COVID-19. Always up-to-date using COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University: Data Source Repository (GitHub). Source Code

Calculated Values


NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY: We cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. The content of any given data map, chart or table may recently have been changed or altered as our primary or secondary data sources may change. Also there is only a very limited amount of scientific data and (long-term) studies available. Some data might be inconsistent or contradictory or results for one country don't apply for another country.

CAUTION: All calculated values are THEORETICAL values and may not reflect the real/actual values!

A big question mark is also behind the number of Confirmed Cases and the estimated number of undetected Cases. While most scientists agree that there is a significant amount of undetected Cases, the numbers differ quite a lot between studies and countries depending on the test intensity and test regulations. This has a big influence on a lot of dereived and calculated values (e.g. Hospitalization, Mortality rate etc.)